Tuesday, August 13, 2019


So outside the box, this is just a case of two shows using the same studio set.  But within the reality of Toobworld?

The 'Gunsmoke' saloon is probably the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Kansas.  As the caption says, the saloon for Paladin is in Nevada.  So there's no chance of a geographic crossover. 

But we could make an assumption based on the evidence - i.e. the doors, the wall sconces. 

Both of these saloons were designed by the same architect who probably also oversaw the construction of each.  The rest of the bar area probably looked the same and even the off-camera areas - specifically the rooms upstairs where the saloon girls go to make the real money and occasionally begin a new Toobworld family tree.....

Someday I'll find a wild wild West architect whom I can claim to be the man who designed both saloons.

Happy trails!

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