Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Regarding that last statement, “Who cares?”

I had to look up who those two guys were.  For a second, I thought they had cloned Zachary Quinto.

Jonathan and Drew Scott are twin brothers and the co-hosts “of the TV series ‘Property Brothers’, as well as the program's spin-offs ‘Buying and Selling’, ‘Brother Vs. Brother’, and ‘Property Brothers: At Home’, which are broadcast in the U.S. on HGTV. Scott is also co-founder and executive producer of Scott Brothers Entertainment, which creates TV, film, and digital content for North American and international broadcasters. In addition to entertainment, the twins have launched the lifestyle brand Scott Living and its extension, Dream Homes.”
(From Wikipedia)

Do they really have that big a following that they didn’t need to be identified in the commercial?  If so, I’m O’Bviously in the wrong demographic.

Bring back Ving Rhames!


O'Bservation - By the way, Jonathan and Drew Scott?  Two for Tuesday!

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