Monday, June 11, 2018


On this date in 1927, scientist and author Kit Pedler was born.

From Wikipedia:
Christopher Magnus Howard "Kit" Pedler (11 June 1927 – 27 May 1981) was a British medical scientist, parapsychologist and science fiction author.

In the mid-1960s, Pedler became the unofficial scientific adviser to the Doctor Whoproduction team. Hired by Innes Lloyd to inject more hard science into the stories, Pedler formed a particular writing partnership with Gerry Davis, the programme's story editor. Their interest in the problems of science changing and endangering human life led them to create the Cybermen.

Pedler wrote three scripts for Doctor Who: "The Tenth Planet" (with Gerry Davis), "The Moonbase" and "The Tomb of the Cybermen". He also submitted the story outlines that became "The War Machines", "The Wheel in Space" and "The Invasion".

Pedler is buried at All Saints Church in the Kent village of Graveney, where he lived before moving to nearby Doddington.  His epitaph reads: "A man of ideas."

Pedler would have been 91 today.

He was involved in writing 30 episodes of 'Doctor Who' between 1966 and 1968:

  • "The War Machines" (1966)
  • "The Tenth Planet" (co-written with Gerry Davis, 1966)
  • "The Moonbase" (1967)
  • "The Tomb of the Cybermen" (1967)
  • "The Wheel in Space" (1968)
  • "The Invasion" (1968)

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