Sunday, June 10, 2018


This past Tuesday marked the 56th anniversary of the cancellation of 'The New Breed', one of the lesser-known detective shows from the Quinn Martin empire.... 

From Wikipedia:
'The New Breed' is an American crime drama series that aired on ABC from October 3, 1961 to June 5, 1962, with thirty-six episodes. The series was a QM Production in association with Selmur Productions, Inc.

The series stars Leslie Nielsen as the serious Lieutenant Price Adams who worked on "The Hot Shot Detail" of the LAPD's Metro Squad and former Major League Baseballplayer John Beradino as Sergeant Vince Cavelli. The script for the first episode, "No Fat Cops," was written by Hank Searls, credited as the creator of the series. Searls also wrote an original novel based on the series under the pseudonym "Lee Costigan."

The New Breed was the first independent production of Quinn Martin under his newly established company, QM Productions. Prior to starting his own production company, Martin had produced The Untouchables for Desilu Productions, and Nielsen was cast for the role of Adams because of a guest appearance he had made on that program in the episode entitled "Three Thousand Suspects." The show was scheduled against The Red Skelton Show and Ichabod and Me on CBS and The Dick Powell Show on NBC, and was canceled after one season.

I saw one episode of that somewhere, years later; can't even remember where.  I came away from it thinking that Leslie Nielsen had to be one of the most boring actors I ever saw.  His limited appearances in two 'Columbo' episodes about a decade or so later helped mollify that opinion, but it would nearly twenty years later when he finally came into his own and was allowed to let his inner jokester to cut loose, beginning with 'Airplaine'.

Here's an episode from the series and a few short clips:


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