Tuesday, May 15, 2018


A little something for “Two for Tuesday” – ‘Columbo’ as seen in Earth Prime-Time and in what I’m calling Theo’s World.

Theo Solorio is a very talented artist who works in the style of Don Bluth and other animators.  And luckily for this “Columbo-phile”, she is currently doing most of her work in translating ‘Columbo’ characters into the world of funny animals.  (Search her art out on Facebook, mostly in the Columbo-TV group.)


So here we have a side-by-side comparison of Lt. Columbo and one of his main suspects in the murder of Clifford Paris – Dexter Paris, the murder victim’s nephew.  Dexter was a cooking show host and he cajoled Columbo out of the audience to assist him in making a recipe on TV.

In Theo’s version, Columbo is (as always) a “volpone”, a sly little fox as he was described in another episode.  As for Dexter Paris, Theo loves to go for the visual in-jokes.  Since Clifford Paris was electrocuted in his bath, Dexter is portrayed as an electric eel.  (The same holds true for his identical twin brother, Norman Paris.)

Another excellent job, Theo!


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