Thursday, May 17, 2018


Warren Berlinger has always been a fun character actor for me to watch.  I can’t remember when he first stood out for me – might have been in the TV movie “The Girl Most Likely To….” (written by Joan Rivers) or ‘A Touch of Grace’, a sitcom in which he played Shirley Booth’s son-in-law.  (Personally I think he looked like her son.)

He was lucky enough to join the ‘Columbo’ alumni late in the series’ run, during its ABC years.  And even better, he got to be a member of that corps of LAPD detectives who assisted Lt. Columbo.


As Detective Jack Stroller, he helped Columbo bring Leon Lamarr and his nephew’s wife to justice for killing his nephew.

It was his only appearance in the series, but that doesn’t mean his existence Is limited to just that murder investigation.  He had a life before the ‘Columbo’ episode and it continues to this day.  God willing, may he continue for many more years.

As to that previous life, this is where the Inner Toob feature “Fanficcer’s Friend” comes in.  Publicity photos for actors are perfect in expanding the lives of the characters they played.

So here we have an early publicity picture of Berlinger. 

But we can also claim that it’s a photo of Jack Stroller, a fresh graduate of the police academy, ready to start his career in the Los Angeles police department.

As for this next picture, I don’t know its source.  But I’m fairly certain it’s from a movie, the Cineverse, and therefore fair game to be used for different purposes in Toobworld.  Therefore, why not consider it a picture of Stroller in the locker room when he was still a patrolman.

So now we’ve given a backstory for Detective Jack Stroller in Toobworld which will never be seen on your TV screen.

Oh!  Just one more thing....

We have a theory of "relateeveety" for Detective Jack Stroller.  He has a brother, older by five years, and considered far more handsome (even by Jack.)  But they were estranged - and by more than just the fact that Jack's brother had emigrated to Great Britain.

Albert Stroller sought his life's fortunes on the other side of the Law.  He was a grifter, looking to make a 'Hustle' in all manner of con games.  And he enjoyed doing so, working the long game with Mickey Stone's crew....



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