Tuesday, April 3, 2018


One show I enjoy finding theoretical crossovers for is 'The Twilight Zone'.  Its anthology nature suggesting access to many different TV dimension means that each episode could be linked to another show without worry of causing Zonks to the other episodes.

Every so often I come across a possibility for a "Crossing Zone" which links one episode of the show to another.  For instance - the two giant astronauts in "The Little People" could be from the same planet where we would find the Mountain Woman in "The Invaders."  (And which I already claim to be Brobdingnag of "Gulliver's Travels" fame.) 

Both of those shows have previous theoretical crossovers.  "The Invaders" is definitely (to me) linked to 'The Land of Giants'.  As for "The Little People", originally I had that linked to 'The Adentures of Superman' because of its dependence on the Superman mythos as its basis.  I claim that the tiny inhabitants of that planet are the transplanted Kryptonians from the bottle city of Kandor.

I still claim that, but now I have a theoretical link that is better grounded.  With the new Syfy show 'Krypton', we are getting Brainiac and Kandor officially into Earth Prime-Time.  And so that's the new "Crossing Zone" - "The Little People" and "The Adventures of Earth Prime-Time".

I now have a new inner "Crossing Zone" theory, spurred on by this excellent meme created by Mark French, a fellow member of a very good 'Twilight Zone' Facebook page:

"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"
 Episode aired 11 October 1963 

"Odyssey of Flight 33"
 Episode aired 24 February 1961

The great thing about 'The Twilight Zone' is that as an anthology series, the episodes are not locked into the Toobworld timeline based on their broadcast order.

Why is this important?  We don't know what happened to the people on board Flight 33.  Did they finally make it back to their temporal point of departure?  Did they end up stuck in the past, either in the prehistoric age or 1939?  Or maybe even in some other time line?

But even though that episode was broadcast before "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", I'd like to think that it happened on the Toobworld timeline afterward.  That's because there's a possibility that some of the flight crew on Flight 33 could have been working on that flight with the gremlin on the wing.

It doesn't have to have been all of them.  We saw a flight engineer trying to deal with Bob Wilson and his "delusion".  He wasn't on Flight 33, but there's nothing that says that whole crew always flew together.  Somebody may have been on that flight with the gremlin.

Nothing set in stone, but there's nothing so outlandish about the theory that it couldn't have happened.....


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