Friday, November 10, 2017


"How do you convince a man like Mr. Morgan 
that you're a combination of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Humphrey Bogart, 
and Sherlock Holmes all rolled into one? "

"Elementary, my dear Fennyman - that's who I am. 
Only you left out the Green Hornet."

Here in the Trueniverse, only one out of those four names was a real person.  But as you probably already know if you follow the Toobworld Dynamic regularly, all four of them are real in Earth Prime-Time.

The great detective may be the most portrayed fictional character in TV and movies, but for the main Toobworld, there is only the one - sorry, Cumberbitches, it's Jeremy Brett who portrayed Holmes in adaptations of all but four stories from the original canon. Even excluding TV movies, there were still other actors playing Holmes in TV series before Brett came along - mainly Ronald Howard, Douglas Wilmer, and Peter Cushing.  But Jeremy Brett hued closest to the original stories with no extra fabricated adventures.

Newspaper publisher Britt Reid, related to the Lone Ranger, is the one true Green Hornet in the main Toobworld.  He had his own show in the 1960s and crossed over to the 'Batman' series, played by Van Williams.

Sir Percy Blakeney, who disguised himself as the Scarlet Pimpernel to do his work as a latter-day Robin Hood, was a multiversal - books, movie, television.  And even in TV, he was a multidimensional - besides appearing in the main Toobworld, he showed up in almost a dozen other TV dimensions, including the Tooniverse, Skitlandia, Video-Mundo, and Toobworld2, the land of remakes.  (Most of those other TV dimensions were based on TV movies.)  But for Earth Prime-Time, he was played by Marius Goring in 1955.


This is our one League of Themselves member in the quartet. Bogie has been portrayed by other actors in plenty of TV shows, most notably by Robert Sacchi (although most of those were Bogart impersonators.)  But he also appeared as himself in 'The Jack Benny Program', 'Person To Person', 'The Jackie Gleason Show', and 'The Ed Sullivan Show'.  Plus his existence in the main Toobworld was confirmed in references from the following shows:

  • 'Quantum Leap'
  • 'The Sweeney'
  • 'The Blacklist'
  • 'Remington Steele'
  • 'Frasier'
  • 'Will & Grace'
  • 'The Rockford Files'
  • 'BJ And The Bear'
  • 'Hunter'
among others....

The Bogart who appeared throughout the 'Sinatra' mini-series would be from another TV dimension, most likely Toobworld-Toobworld which treated TV shows from our world as TV shows and not reality.  The only Bogart played by Sacchi that would need to be considered was from 'Fantasy Island'.  But as Mr. Roarke is a Gallifreyan Time Lord with mastery over Time and relative dimensions in Space, he probably summoned Bogie from another dimension as he once did with William Shakespeare (probably from the Evil Toobworld for the Bard.)

For Earth Prime-Time then, the true Bogart is the true Bogart, if you know what I mean.

Therefore when Fennyman and Banacek were discussing this quartet of heroes, these are the versions they had in mind.


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