Thursday, October 19, 2017


Mark Bale posted this picture to The British Phil Silvers Appreciation Society:

Mr. Bale commented: “Can't understand why this never happened....

My response: “
The knee-jerk reaction for a fantasy crossover would be Toody & Muldoon meeting Bilko. And production-wise, it would have been the easiest to pull off. But for me, the Silvers character they should meet should have been Shifty Shafer.

"The Beverly Hillbillies" (6 episodes) 
  1. Jed Buys Central Park (29 October 1969)  
  2. The Clampetts in New York (5 November 1969)  
  3. Honest John Returns (11 March 1970)  
  4. Honesty Is the Best Policy (18 March 1970)  
  5. The Clampetts in Washington (22 September 1970)  
  6. Jed Buys the Capitol (29 September 1970)  
‘Car 54, Where Are You?’ took place in the New York City borough of the Bronx, and there has always been something of the Big Apple about all of Phil Silvers’ characters. But there was just something about Shifty that suggested to me that he would always run back to his base of operations, “the land of his birth” you might say.

The picture suggests the plot - Shifty Shafer cons the police officers of the 53rd precinct into helping him film a documentary about the station house and its "historical significance" in the Bronx.

So as a launching point for some fanfic, I would incorporate this picture as long as Silvers is considered to be Shifty Shafer.


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