Sunday, July 2, 2017


I'm subscribed to a great blog called "Archive Television Musings" which takes a detailed look at old TV shows not so readily accessible.  Currently our host has been examining the 1950s 'Invisible Man' series, episode by episode.  The exact title of the show gives credit to H.G, Wells, but that was probably for copyright purposes?  

I don't really see the connection to the original novel save for a guy being invisible and there's nothing about the series that says it has to be the only invisible man show in the main Toobworld.  So far, nothing about the three shows that followed (at least) gives me concern that they should be jettisoned to some other TV dimension.  I think they can all remain on Earth Prime-Time, independent of each other.

I do have a theory of relateeveety about this show in regard to the main character.  Peter Brady, in my opinion, is the uncle to Mike Brady of 'The Brady Bunch' and young Peter Brady was named after him.

The show has also provided two new Mideast locations: the country of Barat and Bay Akim.  Until I can verify it for myself, I will consider Bay Akim a port city of Barat.

So, to while away this day of rest, why not enjoy a few hours in the company of a man you cannot see?


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