Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Here's an interesting Zonk which can be easily splained away....

But first, be warned: there be spoilers ahead!

Recently there was a mid-season replacement show on NBC called 'Trial & Error', a sitcom about a man put on trial down South for allegedly murdering his wife.  

Here is a copy of the local newspaper reporting on the crime, featuring a photo of the deceased poet Margaret Henderson.

Larry Henderson was convicted, but evidence came out after the trial which spared his life.  Margaret's cell phone was found which contained a selfie video which showed the true "murderer" - an owl which flew into her house and smashed into her, causing Margaret to lurch forward through the plate glass window which delivered the fatal wound.

Sorry for the blurry quality, but it really happened so quickly!

As you can see, the poet in the newspaper was not the Margaret of the cell phone.  I don't see how they could have expected us not to notice, considering there were only about six episodes to the whole series!

Toby, you got some splainin to do!

I hate to throw my brother's noble profession (F you and your "fake news", Drumpf!) under the bus, but somebody at that newspaper bleeped up.  They ran the wrong file photo.  Perhaps that was another Margeret Henderson.  Maybe it was a Margaret Anderson (just not the one in Springfield.)  But it certainly wasn't Larry Henderson's wife.

Looks mean, don't she?  One might have understood if Larry had killed his wife if she looked like that at him all the time.....

By the way, Andie McDowell played the second Margaret.

And the owl didn't escape justice.  it can still be found in the taxidermy shop which shared space with the law firm......


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