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From the IMDb:
Oak Apple Week is an autumn festival held every year in the picturesque village of Midsomer Barton. After the festival queen died tragically from food poisoning seven years earlier, that particular part of the celebration was discontinued. Shortly after the reinstitution of the contest, however, the dead girl's mother is found drowned in a shallow stream under suspicious circumstances. Barnaby and Jones are faced with many suspects, a plethora of unfaithful spouses, and more dead bodies.

The IMDb listed a couple of bits o' trivia in this episode which can make Two-Fer Tuesday.

First up:

In the last seconds of "Dead Letters we see, on a book rack in the small lending library, a copy of "Chromosome Wars" by Jezebel Tripp, the author we met in "Sins of Commission" from season 7.

No show is perfect, but after having been on the air for twenty years now, 'Midsomer Murders' has done a pretty good job at recalling its own history in later episodes.  ("Dead Letters" had a more noticeable call-back dealing with a theory of relateeveety.)

And there was a Zonk to be splained away as well....

At the Oak Apple fairgrounds, the sign at the gypsy fortune-teller's booth reads "Katina". When she goes into the booth, the man next to the booth addresses her as "Katrina".

That's an easy one!  Whoever made the sign O'Bviously made a mistake.  And it was left as is.


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