Monday, June 19, 2017



From the Goofs Department at the IMDb:
In the opening "Modern Day" scene, Lucy tells Brockmire she is staying in Room 114 at the Marlowe Inn. When Brockmire goes to visit, he knocks on door 411, and Lucy opens.

This is easy enough to fix.  Lucy is dyslexic.  (Or as the graffiti in the movie "Between The Lines" put it, "Lysdexia".)

As for Brockmire showing up at the right door even though he was given the wrong information?  Hey, we don't see everything in Toobworld, remember.  You want to waste time in that first season of '24' watching Jack Bauer taking a dump?  This is all protected under the Khan-Chekov Act in the Articles of Tele-Federation.  Or something like that - anyway, Khan-Chekov is invoked.

When Brockmire first showed up at the Marlowe Inn, he went to Room 114 and quickly realized it was the wrong room.  Well, I say "quickly" but it might have taken a few minutes to figure out that the stranger who answered wasn't one of Lucy's sex partners.

So then Brockmire went down to the front desk to get the correct room number from the clerk on duty.

No Zonk!

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