Tuesday, June 6, 2017


With the Birthday Honors List, Toobworld Central inducts TV characters into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame who might otherwise not get in with just their official credits.  But it's my birthday and what I say, goes.

This year, I have three candidates whom I showcased back in January on the first anniversary of their actor's death.

Ira Grubbs aka Mr. 1223

Richard Perlito

Dr, Adam Boyer

And all of them appeared on separate episodes of 'Barney Miller'.

As most of Team Toobworld should know, a candidate for membership should have three TV series, or TV movies, or commercials to their credit.  But in the splainin I provided back in January, those three characters utilize tropes from other series - 'The Patty Duke Show' and 'Quantum Leap'.  

You know what?  It's my birthday.  I hopefully have better things to do today.  Just follow this link and you can read that story celebrating these characters of Richard Libertini.  In the meantime, we welcome the three of them to the Hall of Fame!


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