Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Two years ago, I found visual evidence of a TV show episode which was taking place on my brother's AJ's birthdate.  Not just his birthday, but the actual year as well.  It was an exciting moment for this televisiologist, to find something personal within the realm of Earth Prime-Time, but a moment tinged with jealousy.  I wanted such a moment for myself!

Getting the month and day seemed pretty easy enough.  After all, it's the anniversary of D-Day and ⅔ of the "Omenesque" number of the Beast.  But finding the year as well?  Tricky....

Well, I still have yet to find it completely.  But I did find the month and year.  Since the day wasn't specified, then I decided I was going to fill in the blanks as a televisiological birthday gift to myself.


Therefore, on June 6th, 1955, on the day of my televersion's birth across the pond, seven year old Annabel Weston murdered the family housekeeper, Mrs. Foster, in the family estate of Westoncoast.  

For the time being, 'twill serve.  I'm good with that.....

Happy birthday eve to me!


As I got ready to make this post in celebration of my own birthdate, it surprised me to find that I never got around to posting that picture to mark AJ's birthday in those following two years.  So I'll be rectifying that in ten days....

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