Wednesday, June 14, 2017


[September 22, 1971]

This is the episode which kicked off the second season of 'McCloud'.  It played like a 'Columbo' episode - we know who the villain was and we watched as McCloud got under the villain's skin which helped him solve the crime.

At one point we saw a copy of People magazine on display with the villain depicted on the cover.  (Sebastian Cabot played Sidney Cantrell, a famous astrologer attempting to get his hands on his wife's fortune.)

As noted above, this episode aired in the Fall of 1971.  But the People magazine we know here in the real world was first published in March of 1974, nearly three years later.

So I have to assume this People magazine should be the publication aegis of the Glenn Howard empire.  Their People Magazine was seen in those episodes of 'Name Of The Game' which starred Tony Franciosa  as the magazine's reporter Jeff Dillon.

Even the headings on both issues look the same!

It's just a speck of trivia in the grand scheme of Toobworld, but it works for me!


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