Sunday, January 1, 2017


As his tenure as the show runner for 'Doctor Who' begins to wane, Steven Moffat has thrown out some ideas for episodes which he never got to produce.  One of these is having the Doctor to team up with Bond.  James Bond.

He told the press:

"Doing a James Bond/'Doctor Who' for Christmas? Well, I'm running out of Christmases to do!  [But] I'd like 'Doctor Who' to meet the real James Bond, that'd be awesome. They wouldn't get on at all. He'd shag his assistant!"

Looking at it from the Toobworld Dynamic perspective, it would be damned hard to do.  James Bond is a Multiversal like the Doctor and his first portrayal outside of the Fleming books was in a 1950s anthology series, an adaptation of "Casino Royale".

But the first James Bond was an American and ever since his portrayers have been the actors from the movies, but usually seen in commercials.

The Toobworld splainin for all of this is that "Jimmy Bond" was an American secret agent, but that MI6 adopted the name as a cover for their very best agent in the field after the original was "deactivted"*.  When that "James Bond" retired (or was killed off), then another agent would take on that alias and continue the work.  

The actors chosen for the movies were specifically cast in the role because they resembled the actual agent currently in the field.  That was all part of the plan by the shadow organization which I have dubbed "UNreel" whose mission is to keep the public "disinformed" about real-life events and people which need to be kept secret.

So when James Bond escorted the televersion of the Queen to the 2012 London Olympics, the general public assumed that it was really Daniel Craig acting as 007.  It was a retired "James Bond" who intervened in a car chase to help UNCLE agent Napoleon Solo when he was in dire straits.  (He may have retired early because he had developed serlinguistic tendencies, as displayed during the car chase.)

If the televersion of James Bond ever were to team up with the Doctor, the cost - between getting the rights to do so and hiring the current actor in the role - would probably be prohibitive.  It would be more likely that the Powers That Be create their own secret agent character just as they have done with the superhero genre by coming up with The Ghost for the Christmas special.  (You know they would have loved getting the chance to team the Doctor up with Superman!)

They could at least cut that cost by hiring some other actor to take on the role of James Bond.  We could splain that away by saying the James Bond who resembled Daniel Craig is no longer on the job in Toobworld.  Or to make it really confusing, the whole pretense has been a triple blind - the actors on the screen resemble the spies claiming to be James Bond.  But there is a real James Bond operating behind the scenes with those other spies drawing attention away from him.

Ow.  My head.

So that was probably just wishful thinking on the Grand Moffat's part.

Nice picture to go with the Digital Spy story though......


* Take "deactivated" to mean whatever you want.  He could have reitred, died, or was abducted to "The Village".  "BCnU", indeed.....

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