Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Since November is traditionally the month in which Toobworld Central inducts politicians, news makers and news reporters into the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame, First Lady Michelle Obama has been chosen for November of 2016.

Mrs. Obama was chosen for the TVXOHOF "honor", thanks to a trio of appearances in the spring of 2014 which put her over the top for qualifications.

The first one occurred on Thursday, April 24, in the season finale of 'Parks & Recreation'.  While at a seminar in San Francisco, Mrs. Obama was introduced to Leslie Knope.  (Understandably, Leslie bugged out to be introduced to one of her idols.)

On May 7, Michelle Obama was at the Fort Campbell Army Base as seen in 'Nashville'.  She hosted a military charity event with Kellie Pickler which was organized by main character Reyna.

And then there was 'Jessie' on the Disney network.  Jessie and her friends asked Mrs. Obama for help when a young girl got very depressed about her mother being deployed overseas with the military.

Back in 2012, the First Lady dropped by to see 'iCarly' as part of her "Joining Forces" campaign to raise awareness about the problems faced by military families.  That means she has four seperate shows in which she can be considered a link.  And that doesn't include her appearances on reality competition shows like 'The Biggest Loser'.  (Thankfully!)  

But we count it as a total of five with her appearance with Big Bird on 'Sesame Street'.

Welcome to the club, Mrs. Obama!


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