Friday, October 28, 2016


It may not be August, but I'm going to share a TV Western-themed post today. 

For the last two Saturdays, I've posted the incarnations of TV characters as seen in the fictional universe of comic books. Today I'm showcasing the stars of my favorite Western: 'Maverick'.

From Wikipedia:

'Maverick ' is an American Western television series with comedic overtones created by Roy Huggins. The show ran from September 22, 1957 to July 8, 1962 on ABC and stars James Garner as Bret Maverick, an adroitly articulate cardsharp. 

Eight episodes into the first season, he was joined by Jack Kelly as his brother Bart Maverick, and from that point on, Garner and Kelly alternated leads from week to week, sometimes teaming up for the occasional two-brother episode. 

The Mavericks were poker players from Texas who traveled all over the American Old West and on Mississippi riverboats, constantly getting into and out of life-threatening trouble of one sort or another, usually involving money, women, or both. They would typically find themselves weighing a financial windfall against a moral dilemma. More often than not, their consciences trumped their wallets since both Mavericks were intrinsically ethical.

They proved to be so popular - in spite of them turning the genre on its head during a time when cowboys ruled the airwaves - that Bret and Bart gained their own comic book title from Dell. 

Here are some examples:

And when James Garner left the role of Bret Maverick, Jack Kelly as Brother Bart was joined by cousin Beau Maverick (played by Roger Moore) and another brother named Brent.  

But was Brent really the brother of Bret and Bart?

Well....  That is a post we'll save for the TV Western showcase next August.....

Happy trails to you!

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