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I posted this story the other day:

And I got this reply:

top_cat_james has left a new comment on your post "ACROSS THE VIEW-NIVERSES": 

Pearson portrayed yet ANOTHER rock 'n' roller- on a 1964 episode of THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES ("Teenage Idol"). 

From Ann-Margret to Donna Douglas to...Frances Bavier? Yeesh, talk about a rapidly aging fan base! 

A big tip of the Toob Top Hat to TC James for this. It actually can be incorporated into my theory about Keevy's life in the main Toobworld. 

From the IMDb:
An old friend from back in the hills is now an Elvis-like singing idol. The Clampetts misunderstand the situation and decide to help Johnny get on his feet.

So here's how I plan to add  in this new information... information... information:

Back in the Ozarks, Emma Poke gave birth to twins in 1930, but her husband never got the chance to see them. Mr. Poke died before they were born, leaving Emma a widow-woman. Unable to care for both babies on her own, left poor and destitute, she gave up one of the twin boys to be adopted. 

That would be the baby taken in by the Hazeltons. They named him Kevin, but for his show business aspirations he used the nickname Keevy. 

Being twins, both Keevy Hazelton and Johnny Poke, despite being separated soon after birth, developed amazing talents as singers.  Since both of them gained national prominence in the music industry, their exposure through publicity eventually revealed to the world that they had to be identical twins. After all, they laughed alike, they walked alike; at times they even talked alike!

Let's step outside the fantasy world of the Toob for a moment, back to the mundane world of the Trueniverse in which we live.....

In 1979, only 49 years old, Jesse Pearson was stricken with terminal cancer.  He moved back to Louisiana to be close to his mother before he died. 

Normally, I make the claim that the characters pass away in Toobworld around the same time as the actors who played them. (Barring of course the dictates of the show in which they appeared - the character could be recast. Or they were already dead if the show was set in the past. Conversely, they might not even be born yet if the show takes place in the future.)

In the case of these twins, I'd like to think that hopefully both of them might still be alive - 86 years old, perhaps retired, but still earning pocket money on the nostalgia circuit. 

I'd like to think that after their careers as Elvis wannabes faded, Keevy and Johnny came out of obscurity to teamed up again to perform together on such shows as 'TGS with Tracy Jordan', 'The Larry Sanders Show', and even morning talk shows like 'Morning Chicago' and 'Wake Up, San Francisco'. 

What sparked their rediscovery?  Maybe some younger pop idol in Toobworld reworked their old hits so that a new generation might discover the oldies performed by Johnnie Poke and Keevy Hazelton. (I'm thinking artists like Hannah Montana or Rachel Berry....  Perhaps Juliette Barnes could give their rockabilly hits a true country twang.)

But if one or both of them has passed away already, then there's only one song we can sing.....

"Que sera, sera."

Thanks again Top Cat James!


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Judy lynn said...

Just watched the show on Andy Griffith, keevy rock idol!!! Hope he had a good life, and meet his twin brother!