Tuesday, June 7, 2016


What have you, George....?

"So it may just be that the real mole men have yet to make contact with this world."
Constable George Crabtree
'The Murdoch Mysteries'

It will be fifty years before Constable Crabtree's assertion becomes true.

Unlike many other shared realities which require proof first, the Toobworld Dynamic accepts that most TV shows already share the same dimension, with the usual exceptions due to remakes, recasting, major differences in the structure of the world order (alternate POTUS, for example).  

So I have no problem in accepting that 'The Murdoch Mysteries' takes place in the same TV dimension, Earth Prime-Time, as 'The Adventures of Superman'.  As of now, it's 1903 on the Toobworld timeline for Inspector William Murdoch and his associates, while for Superman and his cover identity of Clark Kent, the events of "Superman And The Mole Men", which has been absorbed into the TV Universe, occurred in 1951.  Neither one really has any bearing on the other.

George Crabtree may not have known how prescient he was with that statement which he made in the episode "Journey To The Centre Of Toronto".  So-called "Mole Men" actually do exist in the main Toobworld, one of several races to be found in the underground realms beneath the Earth's surface.

By the way, the events of the Superman movie took place in Silsby, where they were drilling for oil.  In Toobworld, the name of the town has undergone only a slight variation in spelling from that in the real world - Silsbee, Texas.


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