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J.T. Connors was a right-wing industrialist multimillionaire originally from Texas who was initially under suspicion for a rogue missile launch that landed in the Los Angeles reservoir.  

You can read more about him here.

At one point while serving his country during World War II, Connors was presented with that American flag seen above by General George S. Patton.  The five-star general has appeared multiple times in the greater TV Universe, and not all of those happened on Earth Prime-Time.  (His appearance in 'TailSpin' for example would have to be placed in the Tooniverse.)

Here is a list for those appearances:


"America: Facts vs. Fiction" 
    - Patton and Grant (2014) 

Played by Kevin Grantz

"The World Wars" 
    - Never Surrender (2014) 
Played by Don Hartman
    - A Rising Threat (2014)
Played by Matt Dearman(as Young Patton) / Don Hartman
    - Trial by Fire (2014)
Played by Matt Dearman (as Young Patton) / Don Hartman (as General George Patton)

"Myth Hunters" 

    - Hitler and the Spear of Destiny (2012) TV episode, Played by Chris Wilson

"Man, Moment, Machine" 
    - Patton and the Desperate Tank Attack (2006) 
Played by Dan Higgins 

"Battleground: The Art of War" 
    - The Battle of the Bulge (2005) 
Played by Don Worley

Fooling Hitler
Played by James Carroll Jordan

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004) 
Played by Gerald McRaney

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" 
    - Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal (1992) 
Played by Stuart Milligan (as Patton)


    - Mach One for the Gipper (1991)
Played byMaurice LaMarche

Hound Town (1989) 
Played by Charles Adler 

"War and Remembrance" 
    - Part 11 (1989) 
Played by Lawrence Dobkin

Margaret Bourke-White (1989) 
Played by Mitchell Ryan (as Patton) 

Pancho Barnes (1988) 
Played by Robert Prentiss

The Last Days of Patton
Played by Ron Berglas (as Young Patton) / George C. Scott

"Ike: The War Years"
Played by Darren McGavin

    - The Patton Prayer (1957) 
Played by Stephen McNally


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