Tuesday, March 8, 2016


My brother texted me this morning with some of his ideas as to how the 'Downton Abbey' finale should have ended, plus suggestions for an inevitable reunion TV movie.  

I'm not the only one in the O'Brien family who can make O'Bservations.....

I thought the Bateses should've named the baby Robert but they missed that nice touch. Or they could've named it Pamook, since it was born in the bed he died in.

My favorite little story line in these last two episodes was Spratt's. I think he became more of a match for Denker than I imagined he could be.

I liked when Violet and Isobel rescued Merton from the mansion. That little bitch wife needed a slap.

"Auld Lang Syne" got me.

In four years it would all come crashing down. Oct. 29, 1929. Glad it ended before that.

A few more historical characters could've popped up over the years. Think how cool it would've been had Edith encountered an unknown writer and wordsmith who was the SAME AGE as she was   ....  JRR Tolkien. Both born in 1892. (Tolkien's wife's name was Edith.)

Happy for Barrow but they seemed awfully quick to overlook his suicide try.

It also leaves you guessing on a few more marriages:

--Mosley and Baxter.
--Mrs. Pattmore and the farmer Mason.
--Daisy and Andy.

Somehow I saw Daisy getting into politics and someday winning election to Parliament as a Labour Party stalwart.

Master George will be to Barrow as Mary was to Carson.

I definitely see a movie in a few years time, with the Depression and then WW2. George would be old enough for war by 1939. Depression would kill Robert. No need to even include Violet, dead already.

Lots of material for Fellowes to play with.

Women were first elected to Parliament in 1929, so it would be just in time for a movie set 4 years after end of series. Daisy could lose on first try. But come back and win later. Then be in good position for Labour wins of 1945.

Some of those O'Bservations from my brother are definitely tongue-in-cheek.


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