Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I made a vow to myself not to waste time on writing about TV shows while they're still in the casting stage and not even past the sold pilot episode period.  It was just a waste of my time.  But when it comes to TV shows being made for Netflix, I think it's a safe bet that the show will get "on the air" and become part of the Toobworld dynamic.

Such a show will be the new version of 'One Day At A Time'.  Sadly the show was refreshed in people's memories because of the fairly recent death of Pat Harrington who played Schneider the building super in the series.  Normally a remake would be banned from Earth Prime-Time but it seems that there will be enough differences between the two series that they'll probably be sharing nothing more than the title and the slimmest of connections by way of a Life situation that must get repeated throughout the world.

Along with the late Mr. Harrington, the original version of 'One Day At A Time' also starred the late Bonnie Franklin as Ann Romano with Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli as her daughters.  On occasion, Nanette Fabray showed up as Ann's mother.  The basic storyline was that Ann had divorced her husband (played occasionally by Joseph Campanella) and now trying to make a new life for herself and her daughters.

In the most general of terms, the new series will be the same.  Only this time out, the woman, Penelope, will be Cuban-American and raising a daughter and a son.  She'll get help - somewhat - from her Cuban-born mother, to be played by Rita Moreno.  Penelope will have been trained as a medical specialist and served in the Gulf* but is now the manager of a doctor's office with dreams of becoming a doctor herself one day.  (Ann Romano went into advertising.)

The one thing they will share in common is that they each have/had a building super named Schneider.  And that's not such an unreasonable coincidence, certainly nothing to get banished to the Land O' Remakes for.

So if you put together a chart showing both shows' main points in comparison with each other, you can see that the main Toobworld could easily handle both shows.

Once the series begins its run, I'll check it out in order to see if I can do a theory of relateeveety between the two Schneiders.  It might prove worthwhile.

Click here for the full story provided by Deadline.

And a big thanks to Rob Buckley for giving me the link to the story.....


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