Thursday, February 25, 2016


Jason Gedrick, usually a show-killer, has had two good roles recently:

Raynard Waits, 'Bosch' - the alias used by a serial killer named David Harris.  (In the Michael Connelly books, the serial killer's real name was Robert Foxworth, but for O'Bvious reasons that couldn't be used in TV.  It's another example in which BookWorld cannot be interchanged with Toobworld.)

Mark Hickman, 'Major Crimes' - a former LAPD detective who disgraced himself by committing perjury on the stand during a high-profile murder case.  For at least a decade, he was lying low and out of the department until he got involved with a new murder investigation that had connections to the past.

I think these two characters, out of all the roles played by Gedrick over the years, are related.  But not by blood as in the case of identical cousins.  

Raynard Waits had become fixated on Detective Harry Bosch after he was caught by the cops with the body of a dead male escort in the back of his van.  He latched onto details of the case Bosch was currently investigating and used those to his advantage, leading to his escape from custody.  Eventually, Bosch became an O'Bsession for Raynard Waits and that led to a final showdown between the two men.

But I'm thinking there's a "Missing Link", that Bosch was not the first LAPD detective with whom David Harris was fixated.  I think the future "Raynard Waits" was captivated by the idea of a corrupt cop and sought to emulate HIckman... going as far as having plastic surgery so that he even resembled the former detective.

That's my theory of relateeveety and I'm sticking to it.


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