Saturday, November 7, 2015



Once again, the marvelous mash-up blog for comic book covers, "SUPER TEAM FAMILY: THE LOST ISSUES" has come up with a cover which could well have been a tie-in to a TV show that never was:

This entirely works as a TV show concept since both 'Batman' and 'The Partridge Family' were on the ABC schedule.  A true crossover was not possible - 'Batman' went off the air in 1968, and 'The Partridge Family' didn't debut until 1970.  But Batman (and the Boy Wonder) could have made a guest appearance in an episode of the musical sitcom if ABC still retained rights to the series. 

Seems like a fairly easy story to construct, despite the difference in the two shows.  The cover supplies the basics - the Partridge Family has to help Batman survive the bombs planted by the Joker by continuing to play.

But the details would fall into place as well.  Their paths probably crossed because the Partridge Family were scheduled to play a gig in Gotham City.  (I think a charity dance sponsored by the Wayne Foundation would be the way to go.)  Perhaps Laurie went out on a date with Bruce Wayne's ward Dick Grayson while they were there.  And maybe even Bruce Wayne had the chance to flirt with Shirley Partridge.  

For good measure, I think Danny might have fallen under the spell of the Joker who thought he found a kindred spirit whom he could mentor.  Only Danny would have been playing the Joker for a fool the whole time and would have turned the tables in the big fight scene.  And Keith might have toyed with the idea of becoming a costumed super-hero himself, only to be embarrassingly rescued by his youngest siblings, Tracy and Chris.

And I know I would have liked to have seen a sub-plot involving that pun of "Batman & Reuben" played out.  It would be a must!

Every day "Super Team Family: The Lost Issues" has a new cover.  For a one-man operation, his output is incredible!  Click on that link above and check it out.....


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