Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Here's something scary for you, kids!

'Franklin & Bash'
"Kershaw vs. Lincecum"

At one point, Jared Bash warned the new intern (Anita Haskins) that she should not look directly into the eyes of Damien Karp. He would suck out her soul like a dementor. 

(Yeah.....  He might have said just "steal", but "suck out" is more in keeping with the lads......)

This is not a reference to "real life" in Toobworld.  Nor does it place 'Franklin & Bash' in one of the Borderlands that is created like a Venn Diagram when Toobworld "collides" with either BookWorld or the Cineverse.  This is nothing more than a reference to the J.K. Rowling book series which became a highly successful movie franchise.

And when there is no specific mention of anything connected to the movies (participation by Daniel Radcliffe - 'Extras' - and Warwick Davis - 'Life Is Short' - for example), we will always defer to that series of novels by Ms. Rowling.

Here are two good example where the books take precedence:

Martha Jones: 
So magic and stuff. That's a surprise. It's all a bit Harry Potter.

The Doctor: 
Wait 'til you read book seven. Whoa. I cried.
'Doctor Who'
("The Shakespeare Code")

"Yeah, Mom, I'm not going to Hogwarts.
Jeez, crack a book sometime."

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
("Real Me") 

But references to the world of Hogwarts tend to lean more towards the movies than the books:

'Monarch of the Glen': 
The poster of the movie "Harry Potter And The Sorceror's Stone" is seen

'Parks and Recreation':
Ann says that Leslie "made me watch all eight Harry Potter movies."

'My Family':
Ben finds a 'Madame Hooch' toy in his cereal. (The in-joke there is that Madame Hooch was played by Zoƫ Wanamaker, who played the matriarch of 'My Family'.)

And any time something is compared to Hogwarts, that's most likely a visual reference from the movies.  (Raj Koothrapalli ['The Big Bang Theory'] compared Oxford to Hogwarts; Andy Dwyer ['Parks & Recreation'] made that same comparison about Buckingham Palace.

So even though the source material, book or movie, was not mentioned, we can't just claim that dementors exist in Earth Prime-Time.....


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