Sunday, September 6, 2015


I'm sure that whenever anyone thinks of Fay Wray, they think of "King Kong".  But she had a lengthy career in films and moved easily into television, where she created characters for such shows as:
  • 'Perry Mason'
  • 'Hawaiian Eye'
  • 'Wagon Train'
  • '77 Sunset Strip'
  • 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'
and the TV movie "Gideon's Trumpet" which starred Henry Fonda, Jose Ferrer, and John Houseman.

But she also cemented her televersion in Earth Prime-Time with more than just appearances in talk shows and retrospectives like 'This Is Your Life'.  Miss Wray played herself in an episode of 'The Real McCoys' starring Walter Brennan.

From the IMDb:
Amos is not thrilled that Luke offers the McCoy barn for a Grange fund raising play but Amos' resistance softens when he learns Fay Wray will join the production but then becomes envious of George's lead opposite the actress.


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Hugh said...

I remember an episode of the 1980s GI Joe: Real American Hero cartoon that named Fay Wray as an actress (it was a throwaway gag in which all the performers' names rhymed), so she has a presence there as well.