Wednesday, September 9, 2015


One of the alternate TV dimensions that has been explored several times has been "the evil mirror universe", or Evil Toobworld as it is classified for the TwD.  It probably began with "Mirror, Mirror", an episode of the classic 'Star Trek' series and then was expanded during the run of 'Deep Space Nine'.

But other shows visited there as well.  Over the years we've met the Evil Willow from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and even Evil Abed from a couple of episodes of 'Community'.  

The earliest known visit to the Evil Toobworld from the perspective of the Toobworld timeline would have been back during the Age of Legend (as seen in 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'.)  There we met not only the evil Hercules, but the exact opposite of Ares, God of War - Ares, the God of Love.

So it stands to reason that many other TV characters have counterparts in Evil Toobworld.  We just never got to see them.  But every so often, a picture might surface which shows us what might have been.....


Here's how I think it plays out: Jim Rockford was a crook in that world, but he gets sent up to prison for the one crime he didn't commit.  (Probably he was framed by the Evil Sgt. Dennis Becker in a bid to move up the ladder in the department.) 

What could have been the crime for which Rockford was accused?  I'm going to go with the murder of Angel Martinez.  (Evil Toobworld would have been the perfect world for Angel of Earth Prime-Time.  But for the Angel of Evil Toobworld?  He was probably a holier-than-thou innocent, destined to get screwed over by the Universe.)

Somehow Evil Jimbo got out of prison.  But instead of becoming a private eye, he became a hit man.  His going rate for a contract killing was $200.00 plus expenses.  He may have worked cheap, but he made up for it in volume.

And as for the relationship with his father?  I think it would have been an abusive one when Jim was growing up, always getting beaten by his drunken (and of course, EVIL) dad; Joe Rockford wasn't called "Rocky" in that world just because of his last name.  And that's how things probably stood at least until Evil Jimmy had a growth spurt to tower over his dad and filled out with some muscles.  

All in all, I think it's better to just know the Jim Rockford of the main Toobworld, don't you?


Thanks go out to "The Official James Garner Fan Page" on Facebook for sharing the original photo.  (I cropped it for the purposes of this post.)

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