Saturday, August 8, 2015


The DVR service supplied by Time Warner Cable is a wonderful option, one that I miss whenever I'm visiting my relatives who are not so lucky to have its digital information available at the click of the button. 

But every so often, they screw things up.  Luckily it has no bearing on the Toobworld Dynamic.

Back in January, COZI-TV showed an episode of 'Maverick', "Alias Bart Maverick".......

However, that's not what COZI-TV was promising:

I'm sure a research job like that is handled by a low-level team of employees and isn't considered worthy of the utmost diligence.  Besides, eventually the blame has to go to the people who originally supplied the information:

It's all just another example of why I discount paying any attention to the credits on the screen.  And that goes for the information blurbs as well.....

But it could have been worse.  I turned on the Ovation network as I got ready for work back in July and they were showing 'Lonesome Dove'.  However, their DVR digitial readout listed it as "Dune"........

Happy trails to you!

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