Monday, August 3, 2015


"Josua Smith" and "Thaddeus Jones" met three different characters played by Paul Fix of 'The Rifleman' fame:

Two were to be found in Earth Prime-Time:
1] Tom Hansen ("The Day They Hanged Kid Curry")
2]  Clarence Bowles ("Night Of The Red Dog")

Hrmmm... Night and Day.....

The third Paul Fix appearance was as "Bronc" in "Only Three To A Bed".  But that was in the alternate TV dimension where Hannibal Heyes (alias Joshua Smith) looked markedly different (because he was being portrayed by Roger Davis by that point.)

"Bronc" is an O'Bvious nickname and so he could have been the alternate doppelganger to either Tom Hansen or Clarence Bowles.  But that keeps it all in the family of 'AS&J' and where's the sport in that?

What if "Bronc" was actually that Toobworld's Micah Torrance, as he was known in Earth Prime-Time?  But instead of becoming the Marshal of North Fork, New Mexico, he ended up as a grizzled old saddle tramp always looking for the next big score as a bronco buster.

It's pozz'ble... just pozz'ble.....

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