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Over the years, Toobworld Central has relaxed its rules on elected officials of real places in Toobworld - not all of them have to reflect exactly the people who hold their offices in the real world.  We'll never budge on the President and Vice President of the United States and the uneasy head that wears the crown in Great Britain.  But for senators, governors, mayors, etc.?  We'll take it on a case by case basis.

For example.....

Dwight Sinclair was a former mayor of San Francisco who came to Las Vegas at the request of Paul Bryan in order to persuade his daughter (Sarah Sinclair) to return home with him.  (Unfortunately, because of her abusive mobster boyfriend Cappi, that was not to be.)

Played by the great character actor Wendell Corey, Dwight Sinclair must have been out of office for at least a decade, maybe longer.  (Corey was 52 in 1966, but looked older, like most of the actors of the time; men who knew how to carry off the commanding air of maturity.)  To my way of thinking, his stern patrician air guaranteed that he followed the Republican party protocols of that period.  I bet his wife probably wore a respectable Republican cloth coat.  Hell, his first name was Dwight!

But to be the Mayor of San Francisco at any point in the Toobworld timeline, Dwight Sinclair would have had to displace somebody from the real world's list of San Francisco mayors.  And there was a sixteen year block, from 1948 to 1964, in which a segment could be donated to Sinclair's mayoralty without really having an adverse effect on Toobworld history.  
Elmer Robinson [Republican]
January 8, 1948 - January 7, 1956

George Christopher [Republican]
January 8, 1956 - January 7, 1964

Robinson and Christopher were the 33rd and 34th mayors respectively.  (So yeah, inserting Dwight Sinclair would have an effect on the numbering.)  I think carving out a block from the end of Robinson's term in office and from the beginning of Christopher's - let's say from 1954 to 1959 - probably wouldn't make much of a difference when it came to any Toobworld plotlines that might have had an impact on life in San Francisco.  

(Of course I could be wrong.  I usually am.)


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