Monday, July 27, 2015


Hey, Team Toobworld, meet my "cousin-in-law" Denise Caliendo Hansen.

Her televersion was seen in the audience of "CT Style" on WTNH-8.  And even though she wasn't seen, she was also mentioned on NBC Connecticut News and just recently mentioned again on 'CT Style':

So those two mentions, per my usual Toobworld rules for more famous members of the League of Themselves, will count toward the tally of "appearances" for her televersion.

The televersion of Denise has so much potential.  Since there is no way we can see everything in the lives of other TV characters, the same holds true for TV-Denise.  So I'm going to suggest an addition to her onscreen "life" - Denise knows Hope Brady as seen in 'Days Of Our Lives'.  I think they met while Denise and Peter were on vacation in Salem and they keep in touch via YouFace.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it......

Happy birthday, Denise!  All the best from Toobworld!

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