Monday, June 15, 2015


I had such a good time celebrating my birthday (a milestone one at that) over a three-day weekend that I totally forgot to announce the Birthday Honors List for a new member in the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.

As you might be familiar with the concept, I use the Birthday Honors List to induct somebody into the Hall who might not otherwise get in there under conventional rules.  For example - Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Ernie Kovacs, myself.....

Just this week I joined a Facebook page dedicated to the TV show 'Callan' and so I went through my past posts about the show in order to share them with the group.  And there I found the perfect candidate for membership; I even say so in that original post.  But after 10,000 posts, I had no memory of this.  Luckily I can now belatedly add him to the TVXOHOF as part of our British Invasion theme:


That's it.  We never learned his name in any of his appearances, and it's just as well since that would have been a Zonk we would have had to find some sort of splainin.  This way we can say each of his four appearances were the same police officer.

Here is the link to the original story.

Again, here are his qualifications for entry:

"And Mother Makes Five"
Where Our Caravan Is Resting (1 May 1974) - Policeman

"A Pin to See the Peepshow"

Episode #1.4 (16 August 1973) - Policeman

"And Mother Makes Three"
The Eve of the Day (6 June 1973) - Policeman

I Never Wanted the Job (19 April 1972) - Detective Constable

And with that, I'd like to welcome the Constable to the Hall of Fame.  


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