Thursday, June 18, 2015


I've previously mentioned the televersion of my friend Mark Thompson, as seen in the main Toobworld.

I don't know what differences there may be in the lives of Mark and Mike's televersions.  But taking some inspiration from their lives - Mark would be this rogue physicist whose non-sanctioned experiments nearly cracked open the Wall between Worlds.  And now he wanders the country, "making right what once went wrong" and helping strangers whose lives he affected in small meaningful ways.

And today I can expand on his storyline.....


As a rogue physicist, Mark gained a reputation in dealing with transversing dimensional vortices and this brought him to the attention of the "Slider" hybrid Quinn/Mallory.  Quinn Mallory, who was originally born on the Kromagg Earth but raised on Earth Prime-Time (known in the main Toobworld as Earth Prime*), was fused with his double from an alternate Earth who was known as Mallory.  Quinn's fellow Sliders tried to get the experiment reversed, but too much time had passed and the conjoined minds would remain as this new being.  Mallory proved to have the stronger personality and soon he so dominated their shared psyche that it was feared Quinn would be forever lost.  

However, there were signs that Quinn was still "in there" and he took control long enough to contact Mark Thompson for his help.  

"Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home

Were they successful in separating Quinn from Mallory?

You'll have to track down that episode and see for yourself.  Muwhahahaha!

So why did I choose today to add to the list of credits for Mark Thompson's televersion?

Because today is his birthday!



* Earth Prime is the real Earth on which we live......

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