Tuesday, June 9, 2015


USA Network is coming up with their own version of a 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' type of sitcom in which a celebrity plays him/herself in a fictionalized version of their life.  'Seinfeld' is another example.  And although the show was not centered on them, 'It's Like... You Know' with Jennifer Grey and 'Half Nelson' with Dean Martin would examples as well.

'Donny!' focuses on Donny Deutsch, who ran his own advertising firm and has appeared on 'Today', 'Morning Joe', 'The Apprentice', and he hosted his own talk show on CNBC called 'The Big Idea'.  In the new show, his televersion hosts a daytime talk show called 'Donny!'

Here's the official description of Deutsch's character:

"On camera, he is an expert on every topic, from cellulite to sexting; off-camera, he’s a filterless rogue who lives in entertaining contrast to almost everything he espouses publicly. Surrounding him is a team of women who work tirelessly to cover his tracks, but he still finds a way to make bad decisions with good intentions."

Other characters in the show will be Jackie, his top assistant at the production company for the show and Violet who is the newest member of the team.  And on the show he will have a son named Jagger, whereas in the Real World he has two daughters.


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