Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I realize that just two weeks ago or so I said I wouldn't be writing about potential series unless there was a full commitment to be shown on TV. But I found this story to be not only likely to at least be a TV movie or mini-series, but also to hold some interest as a product of the multiverse.

The long-time production team of Ron Howard and Brian Glazer are adapting the six novels in Jean M. Auel's series about the "Clan of the Cave Bear". So there's BookWorld in the Multiverse. There already was a movie - thirty years ago next year already! - and that covers the Cineverse. So now comes this project which will bring the world of the Cave Bear Clan into Earth Prime-Time.

It is being made for Lifetime, hopefully for the 2015 Fall season, and will star Millie Brady in the Daryl Hannah role of Ayla, the blonde/blue-eyed child of "the Others". (NOT a 'Lost' reference) Also in the cast are Charlene McKenna, Johnny Ward, and Hal Ozsan.

Set 25,000 years ago, I see no reason why it can't be part of Earth Prime-Time. There are not many other TV shows set during the days of Primitive Man which could cause any Zonks.

What? Ayla is going to cross paths with the characters from 'It's About Time'?


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