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We met a lot of relatives for Jessica Fletcher over the years on 'Murder, She Wrote':

  • Marshall MacGill (brother)
  • Martin MacGill (brother)
  • Neil Fletcher (brother-in-law)
  • Constance Fletcher (sister-in-law)
  • Louise Morton (sister or sister-in-law)
  • Victoria Brandon (married to Howard Griffin)
  • Carol Donovan
  • Pamela MacGill-Crane (via her brother, Marshall)
  • Nita Cochran
  • Tracy MacGill (via her brother)
  • Jill Morton
  • Audrey Fletcher-Bannister
  • Carol Bannister (great-niece)
  • Carrie Palmer
  • Grady Fletcher
  • Johnny Eaton
  • Frankie Fletcher (great-nephew, Grady's son)

  • Abigail (Abby) Benton Freestone (Lynn Redgrave)
  • Emma MacGill (Angela Lansbury)
  • Ann Owens Lawton (Shirley Jones)
  • Helen Owens (Doris Roberts)
  • George Owens (Robert Walker Jr.)
  • Calhoun "Cal" Fletcher (second cousin once removed through marriage)
Other relatives
  • Mildred (aunt by marriage)
  • Amanda (great-aunt through marriage)
  • Walter (uncle; deceased)
  • Sarah (great-aunt; deceased)
  • Henry (great-uncle; deceased)
  • Cyrus (uncle; deceased)
[From Wikipedia]

A pretty crowded field, but I still want to add one more.....

Jessica probably never even knew that she had a cousin on the MacGill side of the family who was another identical cousin like Emma MacGill.  And Emma probably didn't even know she had a half-sister originally from one of the Communist countries of Middle Europe.  

It is the Toobworld Central contention that Emma MacGill's father had an affair in the mid-1920s with a woman from some country in Europe like Hungary.  They had a daughter who was known internationally as Elfie Van Donck when she grew up.  This may have been her stage name, or it could have been the name she carried from birth.

Elfie Van Donck was a movie actress, more a star than an actress, actually, and she had a sister who married a scientist named Dr. Armand Warshowsky.  The Warshowskys had a son named Bartlett whom the evil spy organization THRUSH considered to be potentially a scientiic genius even at the age of 13.

I think Elfie's late sister was the offspring of her mother's husband and would not be the daughter of Emma MacGill's father as Elfie was.  

So I'm adding Elfie Van Donck to the family tree of Jessica Fletcher.  (But don't expect to see it added to the Wikipedia entry.....)

'Murder, She Wrote'
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