Saturday, May 2, 2015


The Toobworld Dynamic is comprised of TV shows, online content, and certain movies.  Books, comics, and most movies just can't be incorporated into the TV Universe.  

But there are times when photographs can be used to illustrate events in any of the Toobworlds.

I don't use screen captures from other TV shows to represent anything but what actually happened in that particular scene.  For example, this picture is of Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo and Gene Barry as Dr. Ray Flemming in the first 'Columbo' pilot "Prescription Murder".  This is my classic example - this picture can only be used for what was actually happening between Columbo and Flemming.  I can't claim it to be a theoretical meeting between lawyer Daniel J. O'Brien of 'Trials Of O'Brien' and Captain Amos Burke of 'Burke's Law'.

If I ever found a picture of Falk and Barry from a movie or off-set as themselves from this production, then I could claim that as being of Burke and O'Brien.  

This picture came up recently on the Facebook page for the 1966 'Batman' series, showing Adam West in his Batman costume with a young woman dressed in Robin cosplay.  The person who shared it, James Guthrie, thinks it was from the 1970s.

I have no problem with the suggestion that this was a picture of Bruce Wayne in his Batman guise with a new sidekick who took the alias of Robin.  Based on the comic books and the Tooniverse, I can see her being Carrie Kelley.

In the years following the cancellation of 'Batman', it's my belief that the Bruce Wayne played by Adam West continued his crime-fighting in Gotham City... at least until the mid-1980s.  (As to why he retired and hung up the cowl, I have no theories.  I'd rather wait for something to suggest itself based on some other TV show.  That's what I did with Superman, using a season finale from 'Crime Story' to splain how the Man of Steel was removed from the main Toobworld - he eventually died from Kryptonite poisoning after saving two criminals from an atomic bomb explosion outside of Las Vegas.)

Apparently, Bruce Wayne's ward Dick Grayson had to walk away from the costumed crime-fighting lifestyle - at least as Robin.  Perhaps when he went off to college, Dick took on a new identity as the character he became in the Teen Titans comic book, Nightwing.  Once Wayne himself retired as the Batman for whatever reason in the 1980s, it could be that Dick Grayson took on the role to keep the legend alive.

Eventually he would have retired as well, perhaps due to a career-ending injury in the line of duty.  This would splain away the way Dick Grayson looks today; he can no longer maintain the physical fitness regimen necessary for the job's demands.

But it's nice to know that Bruce and Dick have remained friends since their glory days.


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