Tuesday, April 28, 2015


According to Deadline, a 10 part series about the friendship between Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and the supernatural crimes they apparently investigated) has been sold to markets in the UK, Canada, and the USA.

The friendship was real, but the crime-solving is strictly Toobworld.

Several of the creatives behind 'The Librarians' and 'House' are bringing the story of 'Houdini And Doyle' in which the escape artist and the literary agent for Dr. Watson team up to solve those superatural crimes.  There should be plenty of friction because Houdini didn't believe in the paranormal and made it his mission to debunk the charlatans, whereas Conan Doyle was a steadfast believer in the world of Faerie.

So far there has been no word on casting.  From what I've seen in the past, Conan Doyle will be the harder role to fill if they go for similarities in appearance.

Houdini and Conan Doyle have met before in the general TV Universe, as seen in such productions as: 

  • 2014's 'Houdini'
  • 1998's "Houdini"
  • 1976's "The Great Houdini"
  • The "Detroit" episode of 'Drunk History'

And in 'The Murdoch Mysteries', although in separate episodes.

Personally, I always hoped there would be a story in which Conan Doyle actually could team up with the fairies; we'll have to see if they do make an appearance in this series.  It could go either way - either every thing is debunked as Houdini would have wanted, or it's all true just as Conan Doyle believed.


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