Sunday, April 12, 2015


Over the years I've mentioned the various Toobworlds in the TV Dynamic multiverse on numerous occasions - there's Earth Prime-Time, of course, but there's also Skitlandia, the Tooniverse, Evil Toobworld, Black Toobworld, Zombie Toobworld, Prequel Toobworld, and the Land O' Remakes.

But there's one Toobworld I haven't mentioned; there wasn't much of a point since there's no reason to visit it anymore.......

I've dubbed this dimension Toobworld 86'd. This literally Earth-shattering event took place in January of 1986 and "86" is a restaurant term for something that has been cancelled.
When a TV show is first aired, its characters instantly become real in their Toobworld with all their backstory immediately filled in. But until then, they just don't exist throughout their timeline. So all of the TV shows that premiered from 1986 onwards in Toobworld 86'd would not have any history in that world. There were no Designing Women or Ben Matlock in Atlanta, no McKenzie-Brackman to practice law in L.A., no Gordon Shumway, known by the acronym for "Alien Life Force". In fact there was no planet of Melmac in the galaxy.
The televersions of certain movies from the Cineverse would never be born again in that TV dimensin - 'Starman', 'Fast Times', and '9 To 5'. And certain shows which had already played out in the past on our timeline but which were set in the future would have no future in Toobworld 86'd. 'Space Patrol', 'Captain Video', and of course 'Star Trek' would never come to fruition in this fictional world - well, maybe they still would, but certainly not with anyone originally from Earth. (Unless some aliens found Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!)

If that TV dimension's Time Lord known as the Doctor were to visit the coordinates for Toobworld 86'd's orbit around Sol now, he'd find an asteroid belt - all that remained of the big blue marble. But then again, the Doctor may have been on the planet at the time and was annihilated along with all of Humanity.


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