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On Easter Monday, April 6, 2015, this show celebrated the return of 'Mad Men' for its last run of seven episodes.  Host Andy Cohen welcomed stars Elizabeth Moss and John Slattery as his guests to talk about 'Mad Men'.  But more importantly for me, it provided a showcase for my friend Danny Neff as the bartender for the episode.


I knew Danny from his time "working the stick" at the Rum House, which is located in the lobby of TVXOHOF member the Edison Hotel. But now he's one of the guys, along with his brother Michael, who's large and in charge at Holiday, a cocktail lounge in the East Village.

Of course, keeping to the Toobworld Dynamic's "rules" (excuse me while I laugh at myself), this wasn't the real Danny Neff on our TV screens.  Once televised, he became his own televersion.

But this wasn't the Danny Neff of Earth Prime-Time.  Maybe one day we'll see him in some TV show (probably played by an actor).  But since this show talked about another TV show - 'Mad Men' - as if it was a TV show, then it can't share the same TV dimension as 'Mad Men'.  (Even with all of its mentions - and depictions! - of other TV shows during the run of 'Mad Men', those can be splained away.)  

If anything, this episode could be from the TV dimension which houses all of those docudramas which show the behind the scenes sturm and drang for TV shows in our world which exist in the main Toobworld as reality.  Maybe....

At any rate, there is something fictional about Danny's appearance on this show.  Every time Cohen introduced Danny, it was as "Danny Laff" (maybe as "Leff", but "Laff is funnier.)  It took three attempts before Cohen called him "Danny Neff".

Well, that wasn't too confusing, was it?  Yeah, sometimes it's even worse when I leave this stuff in my head.

Plug time!

If you're ever in the East Village, check out the Holiday cocktail lounge and who knows?  Maybe you'll see the Danny Neff of the Trueniverse in action!

Holiday Cocktail Lounge
75 St. Mark's Place
New York, NY 10003


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