Monday, March 30, 2015


I'm not sure I would have checked out the Netflix series 'Marco Polo' had my brother Bill not recommended it so enthusiastically, but it became my "binge" show back in January and I'm not one to binge watch TV. As far as I'm concerned, this series - which will be getting a second season - is THE portrayal of Kublai Khan in the main Toobworld.

The only other Kublai Khan I can think of that belongs to the main Toobworld would be the emperor as seen in the story from the adventures of the first incarnation of the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'. But he was such a frail old man, I have to figure the TARDIS had utilized its ability to travel to relative dimensions in space. (He couldn't be Kublai Khan from later in life, which we can excuse for casting reasons based on character aging, because Marco Polo was still at court.)

Today is my brother Bill's birthday, so I wanted to share this alternate dimension's depiction of Kublai Khan's grandfather, Genghis Khan, to mark the occasion.  I figured he deserved something dignified and refined........

Happy birthday, Brothermine!


Anonymous said...

The Doctor Who story with Marco Polo features Kublai Khan, not Genghis. The mercurial old man, who wins the TARDIS playing backgammon with the Doctor, has a line to the effect of "Uncle Genghis was the warrior in the family."

There is the appearance of Genghis Khan on Star Trek.


Toby O'B said...

Thanks, Hugh! That will teach me to write something up late at night at "That Place"....... It's fixed now!