Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Dick Wolf's latest franchise is set in Chicago, with 'Chicago Fire' as the mothership and its first spin-off being 'Chicago PD'. It has tied into Wolf's other, legendary, franchise, the world of 'Law & Order', with several crossovers involving 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'. In fact, a three-way crossover between all three shows was the Toobits Award winner for Crossover of the Year in 2014.

And now it looks as though Wolf is getting a third entry into the 'Chicago' franchise - that is, if his back-door pilot for 'Chicago Med' sells.

According to Dick Wolf, speaking at the TCA press tour, that decision lies with the Robert Greenblatt, the headsuit on the Peacock Throne. But I'm certain that the ratings will practically guarantee 'Chicago Med' a slot in the network line-up, especially with them jettisoning any sitcoms left on the air and scuttling plans for any future ones. With 'Parks & Recreation' shabbily being shown the door in their final season and 'Bad Jude' and 'A To Z' playing out the clock with their episodes, there should be plenty of options for giving 'Chicago Med' a night on the schedule.

There are already three fictional hospitals in Chicago at least, courtesy of 'Chicago Hope', 'E/R', and 'ER'. (No, that's not a typo nor is it an extreme case of a short attention span.) Will they be creating a new one or using a real hospital as their base? No problem with a new one - Chicago's a big city; probably needs as many as it can get.....

'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago PD' will stage another crossover event on February 3rd, which will probably be the first official crossover of 2015. ('The Librarians' has made several interesting albeit theoretical connections to other shows and even one to a movie!) So keep an eye out for that......


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