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The most likely suspect in the murder of author Shane Thurgood was asked for his whereabouts on the night of the murder, and it didn't do much in the way of giving him an iron-clad alibi.....

"I was watching 'Thor' on Netflix.
Have you seen it?"

Campion was referring to the movie based on the Marvel Comics character.  Thor actually exists in Comic Book Toobworld as personified by Chris Hemsworth.  But over in Earth Prime-Time, it is just a movie.

However, the Norse demi-god of thunder really does exist in the main Toobworld and his exploits as depicted in the comic books may be based on actual events in the modern day Thor's life.  

We wrote about Thor last year here at the Inner Toob blog and there are still a few shows to work into the Big Picture.  (It's looking likely that I will have to jettison a fabulous New Zealand series, 'The Almighty Johnsons', from the world of Earth Prime-Time.  There are just too many contradictions to deal with there.)

In all likelihood, the general populace on that fictional representation of the Earth in the Trueniverse considers Thor to just be a mythological character and not someone who actually exists.  And that would be just the way the covert organization I have dubbed "UNREEL" wants it.  Instead of the usual fare of movies and TV shows to provide plausible deniability for the activities of certain Toobworldlings, like James Bond, the UNCLE organization and the Time Lord known as the Doctor, UNREEL went in a different direction and created comic books to cover up the existence of the demi-gods in the world of mortal men.  (Which means the televersions of TVXOHOF member Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were schills for UNREEL.)  Only recently have they since branched out to make the movies as well.

So there's no Zonk! in the fact that Toobworld has a movie about "Thor" when the son of Odin actually exists in that world as well.

Whether it looks exactly like the movie we know in our world?  Well, that all depends on whether or not we actually see any footage from the film within the context of another TV show - playing in the background on the TV or what have you.

Of course my splainin doesn't do any good for DCI Vera Stanhope's suspect.....


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