Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Mary Boylan was a character actress who seems to have only made three appearances in TV shows during her career.  Most of her performances were probably in the movies (among her movies - "The Exorcist", "Night Of The Iguana", and "Annie Hall") and in the theater.  Considering one of those TV shows was filmed on the streets of New York City, I think the theater work was a given.  In fact, the IBDb lists four Broadway shows in her resume:
  • "Live Life Again"
  • "The Walrus And The Carpenter"
  • "Suzanna And The Elders"
  • "Dance Night"
The reason we're posting about her today on Christmas Eve is because her first TV credit took place on Christmas Eve, 1958.  As Marie, she was caught by Detective Frank Arcaro shoplifting in a liquor store in the 65th Precinct.  Apparently it was the same liquor store she always frequented as a shoplifter.  Asked why she didn't take her "business" elsewhere (preferably out of the precinct), she said the cut-rate bargains on such quality merchandise were too good to pass up - even if she wasn't paying for it.

One of her other roles was a flower seller whose name was not given.  And since the story was about identical cousins Patty and Cathy Lane, I'm going to assume she was working out of that area at the time.  As I said, she liked the deals at that particular liquor store, so if Marie was the flower seller then she thought the schlep from Brooklyn Heights to the 65th Precinct was worth the trip.

  • 'Naked City' - "And A Merry Christmas To The Force On Patrol"
  • 'The Patty Duke Show' - "Will The Real Sammy Davis Please Hang Up?"
(The photograph is from the movie "The Wrong Man".  I should have snapped my own screencap when I had the chance last December.)


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