Saturday, October 25, 2014


As we count down the days to Kathleen Trovato's favorite holiday, I think it's time to look for anything of televisiological interest in one of my least favorite alternate TV dimensions - Zombie Toobworld.  As I'm not a fan of the genre and so don't watch 'The Walking Dead' (especially since it could never be part of Earth Prime-Time), I owe my FB friend Frank McKenna big thanks for pointing this out.....

We learned in another alternate Toobworld that the criminal who will soon become known as "The Penguin" in 'Gotham' does not have "Cobblepot" as his original surname (although this may be the case in his original ficitional universe, the world of comic books.)  According to Oswald's mother, the family name is "Kapelput" which may be Eastern European in origin.*

Telegenetically, there is no connection to the Penguin of Earth Prime-Time, as he was born many decades after that member of the Television Crossover Hall of Fame entered the Toobworld timeline.  (And Burgess Meredith's portrayal of that fowl-mannered fiend of foul play will always be the best as far as I'm concerned.)

Additionally, I don't think the Penguin of the main Toobworld shared the same real name as in the comic books or in 'Gotham'.  I think his alias of "Penguin" grew out of his real name as much as from his looks.  It was a name the 1966 'Batman' treated as an alias: P. N. Gwynne.

But the Penguin of 'Gotham' does have counterparts in other Toobworlds of the TV Multiverse and one of them could be found in Zombie Toobworld.  At least until this year's season premiere of 'The Walking Dead'.  

In this doomed Toobworld, he was known as Sam and I think we could make the argument that this Oswald Kapelput wasn't too keen on his first name either.  "Sam" would make for an acceptable nickname; everybody likes a Sam.

And in Terminus, they'll probably not only like him, but find him delicious.....

Oooooh, real scary, kids!


* And Mrs. Kapelput just may be the Simka Gravas of Comic Book Toobworld!  (She probably remarried and had Oswald after the death of that world's Latka......)


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