Friday, October 24, 2014


Just a few quick O'Bservations about some of the other new TV shows this season:

'A TO Z'
This is the type of sitcom NBC might have parked in the 8:30 berth during their halcyon "Must See TV" Thursdays, between 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld'. Like the other shows they tried there, it would not have been up to snuff in comparison to the shows buffering it, but I think it would have done better than others (like 'Union Square' and 'Madman Of The People'). This slight romcom has plenty of cache with me because I like Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti so much from their earlier series, and they fit comfortably together.
I enjoyed the first episode, but I don't think this is as universal a viewpoint as the powers that be are hoping for. I just didn't feel like it was made for me. I still have the second episode in the queue, but I have no clue when I'll get to it - which doesn't say much for it making my permanent collection of shows to record. I wish it well though. It's part of Earth Prime-Time and could conceivably continue without any help from ye olde Monitaur.
I didn't have any problem with the debut episode and don't foresee any impediments to its remaining in Earth Prime-Time. I just got tired of the voiceover motif quickly, however, and don't think I'll be a regular viewer. I found the main actress refreshing, if that's anything.....

I checked out the pilot just to fulfill my televisiological O'Bligations, but I trust the opinions of some of my favorite online TV critics and of course they were right. It's a bit of a knuckle-dragger in its presentation - that whole "Wow! She's a cop and she takes care of her family!" attitude.

However, I did like the solution of the case and I'll admit I didn't see it coming even though it was quite similar to the pilot episode of 'The Glades' (much missed here at Toobworld Central). 'The Glades' did it better, but it was the performance of Enrico Colantoni that sold the premise. (I should have remembered one of my rules about TV pilots - the main guest star is only there to sell the series and will have to be removed in some way.)

I only made it through the first fifteen minutes of this and it felt like the full half hour. It was lowest common denominator comedy with a main character who just wasn't that compelling. But to steal one of the best historical jokes ever (even if it may be apocryphal) and then play it to the back benches with an air of braggadaccio as though they came up with it first, I knew I had to bail. I'm just glad Sam McMurray showed up before I deleted the recording, but the material was beneath him.


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