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AUGUST 11, 1929 – While investigating the murder of Leonard Stephens, the Police Department calendar marked the date as August 11, a Thursday. As the series takes place in the 1920's, there are only two possible years for the series on the Toobworld timeline: 1921 or 1929. 

Since Charlie Freeman thought for ten years that his brother Victor had died when his plane was shot down in France during the war (WWI), this episode has to take place Aug. 11, 1929. 

You know what else happened that day? Babe Ruth became the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio. 

As with most televersions of historical figures with multiple portrayals, I ship off the TV movies to other TV dimensions in order to share the wealth. I'm more concerned with his televersion to be found in TV series. 

That still leaves four portrayals: 
  • "Touched by an Angel" - The Perfect Game (2001)
    Played by Michael Patrick McGill 
  • "A.J.'s Time Travelers" - Babe Ruth (1995)
    Played by Art LaFleur (who was also Babe Ruth in the Cineverse)
With these first two televersions of Babe Ruth, they are depicted as others see them. In 'Touched By An Angel', he is filtered through the memory of a flashback.  (And even with an angel, that can be unreliable.)
  • "Voyagers!" - Cleo and the Babe (1982) Played by William Lucking 
Although Phineas and Jeffrey operate from Earth Prime-Time as their dimensional base, when they travel through Time they wind up in alternate dimensions. So this Babe Ruth is from another world (But not from "Another World".)
  • "Wizards of Waverly Place" - Art Museum Piece (2008)
    Played by Britt Prentice 
In this story, Babe Ruth is a simulacrum taken from a photograph. So technically he's not even alive. However, he's based on a photo of the real Bambino, unaffected by others. 

From the Jalex Episode Guide:
Alex and Max are in the lair, chatting up Babe Ruth--Alex cast a spell on an old Babe Ruth picture to bring him to life. Justin does not approve.

Justin: Alex, put him back in the picture before Dad gets here!
Alex: Lighten up! If he was Obi Wan Kenobi, you'd be all into it.
Justin: A lifesize Obi Wan? I'll be right back.

Before Justin can leave, Jerry shows up and orders Alex to put Babe Ruth back in the picture.

Alex starts to chant the spell but then can't remember the rest of it.

Jerry: You need to know the exact time and place to finish the spell.
Alex: I need to know stuff? Justin's department!!
Justin [smugly]: Yankee Stadium, 1929.
Alex: Wow. You even make sports not sound cool.

So any portrayal of Babe Ruth by this same actor should be the official televersion. And we have the perfect candidate: 

  • "Amazing Sports Stories" - The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth (2008)
    layed by Britt Prentice 

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