Friday, August 15, 2014


And now for something completely different:

A Toobworld connection for that riverboat poker sequence in the "Maverick" movie which can't be connected to a concurrent TV Western.

But with a theory of "relateeveety" we can connect it to two contemporary TV series!

Michael Paul Chan played one of the gamblers on board the riverboat, eventually changing his status from participant to spectator.

It is the contention of Toobworld Central that this unnamed poker player was the ancestor for Lt. Mike Tao, the computer/technology wizard on the 'Major Crimes' squad.  This is the second series in which Chan has played Tao since 'Major Crimes' is the sequel to 'The Closer'.

I suppose I could take it further and claim that his poker player was in some way related to either Hop Sing of 'Bonanza' or Hey Boy of 'Have Gun Will Travel' - or to both.  But I have no basis to make that claim other than the fact that all three characters are of Chinese descent.  And that does kind of smack of racism to me, so I want to avoid that.

But I would have no problem claiming that he was related to Hake Tao from two episodes of 'Kung Fu' and that he's perhaps the ancestor also to Leon Tao from 'Person Of Interest'.  At least that would be based on the family name.....


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